Inspector Client Software

The Inspector client software is a light weight Windows application. The software is designed for the accredited inspectors, having access to their specific functionality. The Inspector client software is used to enter the inspection results, to the laptop or pc of the accredited inspector. The questionnaires are filled in during the inspection. Afterwards the answers […]

Hospital Patient Care

The app is patient-friendly and improves the engagement easily. Our patients are excited to receive the helpful information this way.Patients are informed interactively and efficiently. This app is perfect to improve the patient care and service for patients and their relatives!


ParkTag allows you to tag the parking position of your car, bike, motorbike or boat. The application makes it easy for you to share the parking position of your vehicle with trusted network of your friends and family directly. Not just that, the application also helps you find shortest route to your vehicle from your […]


TripScanner, business travel made easy, is a new and innovative solution to help small and midsized businesses control their travel costs. The whole idea is to revolutionize the way the companies manage their travel expenses.